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By the time most families are in search of an ABA therapist they have seen many experts and have heard many predictions about their child's ability to learn and succeed. When we met Trish we weren’t sure what our daughter was or would ever be capable of, what she has taught us is more valuable than anything she will teach our child, she has reminded us that anything is possible. Her patience, kindness and good sense have been an incredible gift for our whole family, and she has taught my daughter not just how to communicate, but how to WANT to communicate. She has come to meetings and reviewed reports, her generosity of time and spirit have meant that both the school and home team can collaborate. She has become a valued, trusted teacher, and friend without whom we cannot imagine making this journey.

                                                            -Parent, Greenwich, CT




We are very pleased with Trish's work. Trish has a great skill of observation and can pinpoint the problems that each of our sons encounter. She can then come up with a detailed plan to address each problem. One example which impressed us was when Trish noticed that our older son didn't turn when someone was playing a drum behind him. We knew that he didn't but we didn't know that we could teach him to be interested in such things. Trish immediately started working on it and within a few days, he started to make a comment on environmental changes such as 'what's that noise?' 'Oh, it's a telephone ringing' etc. Trish is also great at meetings with schools such as PPT meetings. She is not shy about asking questions to the school staff and she does a great job explaining what we should expect of an individual child in a classroom setting. With her help, we have come a long way and our boys have made tremendous progress over a year. Trish Gernert is a hard working, trustworthy and loving person. She has a great character and is easy to get along. She leads a team of members very well-and she is also fantastic working with children. Our boys adore her.

                                                               -Parent, Greenwich, CT


As parents of a child on the autism spectrum our research and investigation gave strong recommendations that intensive ABA intervention was among the best forms of treatments for those on the spectrum.  It was the time period between our son exiting the Birth to Three Program and prior to the  start of Pre-school we began to use services of ASAP.  It was by chance that we came across ASAPs name in a newspaper and decided to call.

ASAP  provides flexible hours and work around our family schedule. All therapists provide continuity of service that fits the needs of the child best.  ASAP has been outstanding, working cooperatively with Joseph's Occupational and Speech therapists.  ASAP  has also been extremely helpful in working with our insurance to keep the business end of service from interfering with the goal of service to better serve Joseph's needs.

                                                              -Parent, Newtown, CT




I have truly enjoyed working with Trish for the past 3 years. She has done truly great things for my son and I trust her advice and professionalism on all matters concerning Aidan's diagnosis and what needs to be done to improve it.  I can depend on her as a resource for figuring out the puzzle of autism.


                                                              -Parent, Ridgefield, CT